Christmas comes early for local karate kid

Sgt. Darius Davis and his son, Colton, reunited after three year deployment. (Credit: Facebook)

A young boy who had not seen his father in a year, since he was deployed, was shocked during a surprise visit.

Fort Bliss Army Sgt. Darius Davis arrived Monday after being in Egypt.

Colton, 8, is a member of Alchemy Karate Academy. His mother, Jasmin Davis, said the owner of the karate studio and some of the other instructors helped their family during Darius' absence.

She said the instructors have been male role models for Colton.

Jasmin said they helped orchestrate Darius’ reveal.

She recorded the reunion at the karate studio and posted it to Facebook so family and friends could watch.

Colton was demonstrating to his class that he could break a board by running to it and kicking it.

He had no idea his dad was holding the board on the other side of the room.

When he turned his mouth dropped and he immediately ran to his dad screaming, “Daddy!”

The two embraced with tears in their eyes.

Jasmin said Darius had been nervous since he arrived in El Paso earlier that day.

Colton dried his tears and started all over after the reunion and successfully broke the board.

This time around, his father was there to celebrate his victory with a high-five and hug.

The Davis family recently learned that they were assigned to live in Colorado.

But before they leave, they have much celebrating to do.

Jasmin said Colton’s birthday, her and Darius’ wedding anniversary and Christmas will be happening before their next family journey.

Since the video was posted to Jasmin’s Facebook page, it's garnered more than 3,000 views.

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