Cincinnati construction completed only to get ripped up, become hazard


Some construction was finished near Cincinnati Street, only to be ripped back up again. The city of El Paso said concrete was poured on a portion of the Stanton Street crosswalk, and after being reviewed by the contractor, the concrete was removed. The city said the portion of the crosswalk was then replaced after that contractor reviewed the work. That work was conducted at no extra cost to the city or the taxpayer. The contractor will pay for the replacement.

The owner of Rockin' Cigar Bar said the construction hasn’t affected his sales, but it’s confusing.

"We've seen a few of these pieces that have been put in, ripped back out, put back in,” Frank Ricci said. “I'm not sure what exactly the plan is on the city. But for some reason they keep changing it, and it's causing a lot of problems."

Ricci thinks conditions are not particularly safe for his customers.

"It's been a mess on the street the past few weeks," he said. "There's a difference in the elevation between the two. So, because of that, we have this fence that keeps going up and keeps falling down and it's a real hazard out here."

Customers we spoke with agreed that it could be dangerous.

"The last few weeks, it's just been pretty inconvenient,” said Northeast El Paso resident Albert Sinegal. "It looks pretty unattractive. It definitely doesn't look safe. But there's ways around things, so."

"There's things lying around. It's very easy for somebody to come out here or trip and hurt themselves,” said West El Paso resident Daniel Caraveo. "There's bars here. People are drinking and it's very easy to miss."

Customers said they are excited to see the results.

"The end goal and the end result, I see what they're going with, so I'm happy about it,” Sinegal said.

"The end result, it's definitely going to be worth it. We were told it was going to be done around Nov. 17. That time, of course, has come and gone,” Ricci said. “Hopefully. before Christmas. But it doesn't look like that's going to be happening."

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