City council to challenge EPE rate hike for solar customers

Home with solar panels. File Photo

El Paso Electric is pushing for a rate increase for solar customers.

Tuesday, El Paso City Council members overwhelmingly voted to challenge it.

As we reported, the electric company is seeking an overall increase in rates of $42.5 million, which would affect everyone, including solar customers.

“The impact to private solar residents if the proposal passes as it stands now, would be about $15 on average, a month,” said Eddie Gutierrez, a spokesperson for El Paso Electric.

Those who oppose the increase said they should not have to pay more money.

Cyndy Hernandez said she installed her private solar system about four years ago.

"It's a great, great, loss to not only to the effort that we have done to try to do something for the environment, to go green and help and setting our footprint to this, but also affecting our pockets, deeply,” she said.

Now, the city and county will take their challenge against El Paso Electric’s rate increase to the public utility commission.

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