City Council will be looking ahead to growing El Pasos' needs

    Eastside Master Plan to be presented on Tuesday.

    City Council wants to get a better look at the Sun City's growing needs with theEastside Master Plan.

    Tuesday, the city wants to get recommendations on far east El Paso city facilities and roads.

    The city will look at areas east of George Dieter, including parts of Fort Bliss and the Lower Valley.

    This will be done to manage growth and development throughout the city.

    The Eastside Master Plan will provide tools and key policies for managing growth and development throughout the city.

    The new plan is meant to help reduce the strain on city resources and facilities for services in the area.

    The city manager would be authorized to establish the funding sources and make any necessary budget transfers.

    The city engineer could approve additional basic services and reimbursements for no more than $50,000.

    This plan will cost $413,638 funded by the 2019 Capital Plan.

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