City leaders head to the Northeast to talk about plans to make over the area

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    El Paso city leaders are hosting their weekly meeting away from home Tuesday, to talk about their plans to make over Northeast El Paso.

    City leaders say the goal of the meeting is to make it easier for those living in the area to be heard.

    Charles Kelley has lived in the Northeast since 1969, and says “I think it’s a great idea for the city to finally come here and listen to some of us.”

    At the meeting, leaders will be looking over a 44-page presentation that talks about improvements to Burges Library, updating major roads like Deer Avenue and Dyer Street, and making over the now-vacant Cohen Stadium.

    Plans for Cohen Stadium include a water park and retail space.

    On the meeting's agenda is another presentation that talks about updating roads in the Northeast.

    Helen Payne is excited about projects coming to the Northeast, telling CBS4 “We’re all right here in El Paso, so we need equal chances and equal opportunities.”

    She says she’s watched the east and west sides of El Paso grow, and it’s the Northeast’s turn.

    “That way we don’t have to travel to shop, or eat,” says Payne.

    Sierra Rhodes agrees.

    “I lived on the west side up until a couple months ago and there was always something new,” she says, “Over here, it’s like there’s nothing to do.”

    Kelley stands at Veteran’s Park in Northeast El Paso, a park that he says he saw built, and expresses his excitement for Cohen stadium’s makeover.

    “We don’t have to take our children to the west side to go to the amusement park and water park,” says Kelley.

    Aaron Dominguez says he’s lived in Northeast El Paso his whole life and has seen little development.

    “It’s nice that they want to reimagine Cohen Stadium,” he says, “Because that was the biggest thing in the Northeast for a while up until they made the Chihuahua stadium downtown."

    Residents say they’re going to attend the meeting.

    Rhodes says “You shouldn’t really complain about the lack of things you have and then not participate in trying to get it.”

    She’s hoping for the best, telling CBS4 “I hope they take actual initiative and they’re not just listening, but actually pushing through to some promises and goals.”

    Payne says she’ll also be there.

    “We hope they listen and keep their word,” she says, “We’re behind them.”

    Kelley concludes, “I’m crazy enough to believe they will listen.”

    The meeting will take place Tuesday at 4 p.m. at 6055 Threadgill Avenue.

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