City of Las Cruces decides top capital projects of 2019

City of Las Cruces decides top capital projects of 2019

The City of Las Cruces is on the move going into 2019 after leaders chose 10 projects they will be focusing on for the year.

Those include:

1.Adding a Downtown parking garage

2.Septic system improvements

3.Improving parks

4.Median improvements on major roadways

5.Improving the Fire Departments communications system

6.Improving and adding equipment for the Police Department

7.Add improvements to Branigan Cultural Center

8.Road and flood control improvements

9.An airport water tank

10.Improve the Las Cruces International Airport

One of the major projects they will be focusing on is the new Downtown Parking Garage.

The city has set aside $2.5 million for this new building addition, which will provide 400 parking spaces to accommodate the downtown community.

Udall Vigil, the communications director for the City of Las Cruces, said that this is needed due to the amount of events and visitors that downtown is bringing in. Right now, parking spaces are limited, so the community should benefit from this new amenity.

“Downtown Las Cruces is experiencing huge growth and a lot of activity increase, pedestrian traffic, and a lot more events are taking place downtown,” said Vigil.

The five-story parking garage is set to have mixed uses, which means it will be a combination of residential and retail services that the public will have access to.

The project has a timeline of about 2 years once the money is approved.

Another significant project the city will be focusing on is security upgrades for Veterans Memorial Park.

This park honors New Mexicans who died serving their country in the Vietnam War. In May of 2018, the park was vandalized by three people. The three of them removed four letters on the memorial wall as well as damaged the Vietnam War Huey Helicopter.

It is because of this that the City of Las Cruces has set aside $400,000 to add security cameras as well as new lights to hopefully prevent vandalism like this from happening again.

“We have people going day and night, year round. So we want to ensure their safety and so while there is some lighting now, we want to increase the amount of lighting that’s there and we want to add security cameras that would act as a deterrent against vandalism,” said Vigil.

The city also hopes this will make people feel safer when they go to the park.

“Our population is growing, parks are certainly a place where families like to go and spend time so it’s just an added security enhancement that is needed now and to look forward towards the future,” said Vigil.

Vigil says the City of Las Cruces will continue to grow and aim for improvement and success throughout the year of 2019 and the years to come.

“The City of Las Cruces is on the move, it’s prospering, there’s a lot of activity going on and we’re looking forward to another great year of continued growth, continued quality of life and enhancement for the community. It’s really a great place to live work and play.”

For more details on the other eight capital projects, click here

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