Clint ISD considers shake up in representation

Clint ISD

A major shakeup could be happening soon for Eastside schools and families. The fourth largest school district in El Paso County is considering a change to representation. Clint Independent School District could soon remove the majority of its at-large board of trustees members.

“I think we're ready as a district. I've lived in the district for 10 years and I've seen the rapid growth,” Yvonne Ojeda, a Clint ISD, parent said.

For Ojeda, a change in representation is necessary.

“I think just equal representation will make everyone in the district feel better about what’s decided on,” Ojeda said.

The Clint ISD board of trustees is proposing a new way of representation across the district.

Here's what that proposal looks like: The seven members will be split 5-2. Five members would be voted in to represent specific areas within the district. The other two would be at-large members. That means they could come from any area. Currently all seven board members serve on an at-large basis. The new areas will be determined based on population figures from the 2010 census.

“Even though we do account for all the kids and we do think of them, there's nothing like somebody that lives there and sees it every day to really tell us what's going on and what the needs are,” trustee Claudia Perez said.

Not all the board members believe the change is the best path.

“Because the school board's members that are selected at large represent every student in the district not just a particular district that they're elected from and as result I think it's more democratic than what's been proposed,” trustee James Pendell said.

Currently the board stands 4-3 in favor of the proposal. The offical vote will take place May 17.

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