Complete closure of eastbound and westbound lanes of I-10 Sunday for electrical work


There is a big closure Sunday that we want to warn you about. The closure starts early Sunday morning.

This closure isn't for road construction; it's to replace a power line across I-10. Both the eastbound and westbound lanes will close.

El Paso Electric will shut down I-10 between Loop 375 and Lee Trevino. Traffic control will start around 3 a.m. Sunday. The full closure will be in place by 5 a.m. El Paso Electric will begin work as soon as the closure is secure. The closure is supposed to last until just after noon.

El Paso Electric said this east and westbound closure is needed to allow crews to safely replace a power line across I-10 to a nearby substation.

CBS4 spoke with an East El Paso neighbor who says there's a big car show Sunday at the Coliseum that starts at 7 a.m, and a lot of people are coming from the Eastside.

"I have to wake up a little bit earlier because there's a car show down at the Coliseum tomorrow. It's called Spring Fest. Maybe you guys heard about it," said Carlos Gonzalez. "Roll in is at seven. So might have to go a different route because it's going to be closed at 5 a.m."

“It’s going to affect me a lot. I'm working at Lowe's. Usually every morning I take I-10,” said East El Paso resident Jonathan Molina.

Molina said he works Sunday before the closure reopens.

"I'm gonna have to leave early,” Molina said.

Some drivers said it won't affect them on a weekend.

"I'm not usually on the road on this side of town on Sundays,” said West El Paso resident Enrique Saenz. “But I imagine for people living around the area that would be pretty bad."

"I used to work in this area before. And I used to pass here all of the time,” said Clint resident Kimberly Garcia. “So I would be very stressed out if I had to come over here."

Other drivers said it's a major inconvenience.

"Yeah, man! I gotta get to work,” said East El Paso resident Gabriel Flores.“I’ve gotta go to WorkForce tomorrow and go to church.”

Here's what you need to do to get around it. Eastbound drivers, you'll exit Lee Trevino then take North Loop to Loop 375. Westbound drivers will be diverted to Loop 375 South to North Loop to Lee Trevino.

Drivers said if it will make El Paso better, it’s alright to close the road for a while.

“It’s better. They’re getting Chuco town looking better,” Flores said.

"If it's something they gotta do, it's something they gotta do whether we like it or not,” Saenz said.

These roads should be back open by 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

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