Construction at Crockett Elementary causing traffic commotion for neighbors

Construction at Crockett Elementary causing traffic commotion for neighbors (Source: CBS4)

Construction at Crockett Elementary is causing traffic commotion in the streets around the school. El Paso ISD is making improvements to Crockett Elementary, because of that, parents are having to drop off and pick up their kids in a different spot. Parents told the CBS4 Problem Solvers the changes are causing extra traffic for neighbors living near the school.

On the first day of school, parents weren't exactly sure where to pick up their kids at Crockett Elementary because of the construction. There was an EPISD officer directing traffic, but the CBS4 Problems Solvers saw the line of cars stretched for about a mile.

"There were cars parked on both sides of the street. As it is, it's difficult for just one car to pass. It's a rather narrow street,” said Teresa Martinez, who lives one block from the school.

"I got here just right as soon as school was coming out and I was able to pull into my driveway without a hassle,” said Keith Arvizu, who lives five houses from the school. “But the road is a little narrow, and it was kind of bumper-to-bumper out here."

Parents told the CBS4 Problem Solvers it might just be because it was the first day of school. So we returned a week and a half later, and the traffic was even worse. There was no officer this time.

"It gets really packed,” said Nataly Dominguez, who lives one block from the school. “You can go to the store or something, and we come back at 3:15 and the parking is all full."

Every neighbor we asked said drivers have never blocked their driveway, but, they are still frustrated with the traffic.

"They need to coordinate a little bit better access,” said Rudy Luna, who lives two blocks from the school. “It’s really full. Limited parking.”

“Every day there are cars in front of the house because the rose garden is there and so is the school and so there are always people on the curb,” said Maria Dominguez, who lives one block from the school.

So we called the district. EPISD said it has gone out there to see the traffic first hand. The district said it also met with neighbors to address concerns.

“It’s parking on both sides and cars going left and right and up and down the street. So that made it really difficult,” Martinez said. “I’m afraid there might be an accident over here, because some of the cars don’t want to pull over or there’s no place to pull over.”

The district tells the CBS4 Problem Solvers construction will wrap up and parking will go back to normal mid-September.

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