County Commissioners implementing new Customer Satisfaction Policy

    County Commissioners implementing new Customer Satisfaction Policy<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    On Wednesday El Paso County Commissioners will hold a special meeting to go over their new County Customer Satisfaction Policy, which will address the complaint and compliment process for community members to use.

    A draft policy and form were created earlier this year when the Commissioners Court asked for policies and procedures to address the complaint process for the county. This was to ensure that a fair process could not bypass the Code of Ethics, which would allow the county to address concerns of the public.

    In addition to reporting complaints, the policy allows for compliments and suggestions to be received.

    The form would also be converted to digital format for online reporting through the county's website.

    With this new policy, an amount of $5,000 would be saved due to the elimination of the outside contracted services for their current online reporting system.

    Click here to view the Customer Satisfaction Policy they will be going over on Wednesday.

    The special meeting will be on Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the County Courthouse.

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