County to discuss allocating over $2 million to the Economic Development Fund

County meeting on El Paso’s Economic Development Fund

Monday, County Commissioners are meeting to discuss El Paso’s Economic Development Fund.

The Economic Development Department is asking the county to create a fund of $2,500,000, which will give the county the ability to bring new investment into the region.

The policy would benefit the community’s economic growth, improve quality of life and increase living standards of those in the borderland.

The money will be put toward business projects and infrastructure expansion in El Paso, to help create new quality jobs.

The intended use for the $2,500,000 would include:

-New Business Attraction Projects

1.Land Acquisition

2.Relocation Costs & Installation

3.Infrastructure Expansion

4.Plant and Equipment Acquisition

5.Building Acquisition

6.New Construction

7.Façade and Building renovation

8.Job enhancement & Training

9.PACE Projects that do not meet 1+ savings

10.Gap Financing

-Business Retention and Expansion Projects

1.New Construction


3.Façade and Building Renovations

4.Job Enhancement and Training

5.PACE Projects that do not meet 1+ savings

6.Gap Financing

7.Plant & Equipment Acquisition

The meeting will be Monday at 9:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners court.

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