Crews start tearing down flawed columns in west El Paso construction project

Crews start taking down flawed columns in the Mesa Park Interchange Project.

Crews have started to remove flawed columns in the Mesa Park Interchange Project, according to TXDOT.

The $29 million project will create four bridges and an overpass in the I-10 and Executive Center Boulevard area.

Ken Barnett, TxDOT's director of operations, shared an update at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

As CBS4 previously reported, inspectors noticed flaking concrete on some of the work. TxDOT said the contractor, Dan Williams Company, rushed through the project and was ahead of schedule.

Barnett said that more analysis is needed and it could be two to four weeks until there are final answers.

"We expect another two-four weeks, we'll know what the final answer about this completed work is going to be, whether what percentage of it will have to come down, what percentage of it will have to be repaired and perhaps some of it will be able to remain in place," Barnett said at the meeting.

Some columns are already being taken down, according to Barnett, but it is unclear how many.

The contractor told TxDOT it's taking care of all costs associated with the errors. Since the project was ahead of schedule, Barnett told City Council the project should be able to be finished by its original completion date.

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