CRRMA says three projects will alleviate backup on Loop 375

CRRMA says three projects will alleviate backup on Loop 375

Drivers of semitrucks and regular cars say the traffic along Loop 375 near the Zaragoza International Bridge say traffic is unbearable.

“Oh, it’s bad especially this time of day,” Ray Calzadias, a truck driver, said.

“It’s horrible. It’s really bad,” Denise Valdez said.

“Fridays around 5 o’clock you see traffic backed up for miles,” Ruben Rosales said.

The city of El Paso and the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority are looking to break ground soon on a project to help ease drivers’ minds when it comes to the traffic.

Right now the end of Winn Road is a bunch of dirt leading up to the port of entry. The city and the CRRMA are hoping to Winn Road into a new relief route for truck drivers to use to get to the Zaragoza bridge.

“We’ll extend Winn Road into a four-lane roadway to the new entrance for the port of entry. That’s going to move all that truck traffic away from Loop 375,” Raymond Telles, executive director of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, said.

Telles also told CBS4 that it’s also working with TxDOT on other projects to cut down on traffic in the area.

“What they’ll do is improve the frontage road by moving the exit and entrance ramps on Loop 375 to flow traffic into this new route on Pan American for Winn Road,” Telles said.

Drivers of cars large and small are pleased to hear these projects are coming to cut down on this.

“It’ll be helpful for everybody for myself as a truck driver and the citizens in this area because it gets hectic,” Calzadias said.

“Here it’s bad at border so to help out a lot to make the way to the house easier,” Valdez said.

“I know especially on Fridays we're not going to have congestion on the 375 south and north,” Rosales said. “So yeah, it’s a good thing what they’re doing.”

Telles said it’s also involved in another project with TxDOT to cut down on traffic even more on Loop 375 near the Zaragoza bridge.

The two organizations are planning on extending the old toll lane from the Cesar Chavez Highway to the I-10 interchange. Telles said the plan is to have more lanes for cars to use and wider lanes for less congestion on the highway.

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