DEA report shows increase in meth, heroin, marijuana trafficking

State official says El Paso is used by drug traffickers tosend drugs elsewhere. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

The Drug Enforcement Agency calculates and surveys the recent drug trends happening all over the country.

In the agency's latest report, it says the trafficking of meth and other kinds of drugs is happening at higher rates than last year.

The report states heroin, marijuana and meth are being trafficked at high rates. Drugs such ascocaine and controlled prescription drugs are being trafficked at moderate levels.

El Paso's sector of the southwest border saw a 169 percent increase of meth seizures from last year.

The DEA's drug report also states meth is in higher availability than pot and heroin. CBS4 spoke with the executive director of the Texas Narcotics Officers Association, Gilbert Gonzalez.

He said one reason why meth and other drugs are on the rise in our area is because El Paso is used by drug traffickers to send drugs elsewhere.

"Even if it's supposedly moving through, you're going to have contamination,” Gonzalez said. “By contamination, you're going to have drug use, you're going to affect the health and safety of the citizens who live in those cities."

Gonzalez says this detailed DEA report still shows transnational crime organizations' ability to smuggle and traffic drugs through the U.S.-Mexico border.

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