Development may push more El Pasoans to live downtown

El Paso Skyline.

The Downtown Management District said it expects the population of downtown El Paso to increase as development continues.

"I think we're really poised for a growth in residential," Executive Director Joe Gudenrath said. "We've seen that with the recent developments that have filled up right away."

The growth started when San Jacinto Plaza opened in April 2016, Gudenrath said.

"The changes we're experiencing now have kind of been in the works for a number of years, if not over a decade," he said.

El Pasoans like Andy Miron said they've noticed the changes.

"I got here about two years ago and it's changed dramatically," Miron said. "There's a lot more mom-and-pop stores like this one coming around."

Gudenrath said the reaction to recent developments is a good sign for the success of future developments.

"It's really going to bring the population growth that we want to see, and with the population will come more of the services, the bars (and) the restaurants," Gudenrath said.

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