DHS to start monitoring social media accounts of immigrants

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The Department of Homeland Security will be closely monitoring immigrants’ social media accounts.

Beginning Oct. 18, DHS will start asking for social media handles of those applying for citizenship.

Homeland Security officials said this is being done to keep better track of who they’re letting into the country. The updated policy also applies to anyone who is already a naturalized citizen.

Immigration attorney Iliana Holguin thinks the new policy may be infringing on constitutional rights.

"Our constitution guarantees the same rights to every single person that is in the United States and that's why this change is worrisome, because it is treating naturalized U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents differently,” Holguin said.

DHS personnel will be looking at social media posts that are public and could possibly keep file on them. It is unclear how long the records will be kept.

People can weigh in on the new initiative online until Oct.18; after that, the policy will go into effect.

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