Documents show City of El Paso paid millions for properties in arena footprint

Former resident and business owners who left Union Plaza give their opinion on demolition in the area. (Credit: CBS4)

The city of El Paso released 467 pages of documents Thursday showing it offered property owners who live in the footprint of a multipurpose facility more than $11.5 million.

The contracts show how much the city offered for 18 properties and how much extra they're paying for people living there to relocate.

In addition to the $11.5 million for the properties themselves, the city offered just under $400,000 more to help people relocate, according to the contracts.

The documents show three properties aren't getting any extra money for relocation.

Every contract has a stipulation that the sellers cannot try to get the property designated as a landmark or historic site.

In September, crews started to demolish several buildings, leading to protests in downtown El Paso. The city said it wasn't responsible for those attempted demolitions.

The contracts for 10 buildings say that current owners will be responsible for demolishing the buildings on their property in order for the sale to close. The city will reimburse the owners for those costs, according to the contracts.

The city said the site readiness agreements are a cost-saving tool when property owners can afford to clear the property they're selling.

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