Drinking too much water can be bad for your health

Drinking too much water can be bad for your health

The borderland is blazing hot and the high temperatures are not expected to stop anytime soon.

Dr. Alejandro Rios Tovar from University Medical Center said drinking too much water can cause your internal system to flush out an excessive amount of sodium in your body.

This can cause some electrolyte imbalances which can lead to possible symptoms like confusion, fatigue and headaches.

“I’m not trying to say to avoid drinking water all together, I'm trying to say you should substitute some of those glasses of water with electrolyte of some sort," said Tovar.

Tovar said drinking lesser amounts of water throughout the day is better than drinking large doses within a short amount of time.

“The important thing is to have a variety of what you’re drinking and recognize of symptoms of dehydration and hydration which can be missed,” said Tovar.

Many El Pasoans said they didn't realize over-hydration was a real thing.

"No one really says 'oh, if you get too hydrated it's bad for you.' You know you just have to be careful about it," said Matthew Gonzalez from Downtown El Paso.

"When you get really, really hot, all you want to do is drink water. But I think staying cool and knowing when to drink water," said Pamela Avelar from Downtown El Paso.

Tovar said drinking electrolytes like Gatorade and Powerade mixed in with your water intake can help maintain that balance.

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