'Driving Retirement' could keep elderly drivers and others safe

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    AAA says most families and even doctors are waiting too long to talk with older drivers about their safe driving ability.

    That can put those drivers at others on the road in danger.

    A national report shows more than 200,000 drivers 65 and older were injured in a traffic crash in 2016.

    More than 35003,500 people were killed in a crash involving an elderly driver.

    83% of older drivers report they have never spoken to a family member or doctor about their driving ability.

    Another 15% of people report that the conversation does come up, only after a crash.

    Senior citizens are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7 to 10 years.

    There are also some tips to help you have this difficult conversation with a loved one.

    -Start early and talk often by focusing on ways to keep loved ones safe, even consider other forms of transportation.

    -Make it a one on one-on-one conversation with an older driver.

    -if the older driver is on a medication or has a medical condition that can make driving unsafe, bring it to their attention.

    Families of elderly drivers and elderly drivers themselves are being urged to plan for a driving retirement.

    AAA says that driving retirement should happen at around the same time you retire working.

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