East El Paso woman says she’s facing foreclosure after getting scammed by her Realtor

The realtor at the center of an alleged rental fraud scheme, Giovanni Pozo.

An El Paso woman says her Realtor scammed her, and now her home is now facing foreclosure. The woman rented out her home in East El Paso and says for months, the tenant never paid rent. Now she says the Realtor won't return her calls and her home is in foreclosure.

Susie Valdez says when she decided to rent out her East El Paso home, she turned to the man who sold her the house, Giovanni Pozo.

"I hired him and he found a person to live in my home. We did a rental contract, but I never signed,” Valdez explained.

She said without her knowledge, the tenant moved into her home one month early.

"Who was living in my home? Was my home invaded?" Valdez wondered.

Valdez says four months went by, and the tenant hadn't paid rent. She says she found out when her mortgage company called.

"I've been with my mortgage company holding the foreclosure,” Valdez said.

She says she tried calling and emailing Pozo, but hasn't heard back.

"It's supposed to be $4,300. I have not received a penny of it,” Valdez said.

CBS4 Problem Solver Ashley Claster obtained the rental contract from Valdez. It shows the tenant agreed to pay $850 dollars a month, plus a $900 deposit.

"I asked Giovanni [Pozo] for the deposit and he says he was not going to give it to me back,” Valdez explained.

In addition to non-payment, Valdez said the tenant left the home in shambles.

"Trashed. All of the locks from the doors were broken, the yard was never maintained, there was trees pulled out from my side of the yard, the house smelled like feces, parts of the restrooms were broken, the boiler was not working,” Valdez said.

Since speaking with the CBS4 Problem Solvers, Valdez has filed a complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission.

"I filed a complaint against him just wanting my money back. I don't want anything else, I just want the money that's owed for rent,” Valdez said.

CBS4 Problem Solver Ashley Claster obtained the letter from the Texas Real Estate Commission showing an investigation has been opened.

Claster tried reaching out to Pozo, the Realtor, several times both last week and this week to get his side of the story. Her phone calls have not been returned.

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