El Paso animal shelter busy after Fourth of July intake

    Animal Services took in hundreds of pets during the Fourth of July.

    Employees at El Paso Animal Services are working overtime following Independence Day.

    Hundreds of pets turned up Thursday at the shelter in northeast El Paso.

    A line of pet owners formed outside of the shelter in the morning. One of them spoke with KFOX14.

    “It’s been a year since we lost him [dog]. He got out of the backyard,” Patricia Arriaj said.

    Arriaj thought maybe she would have luck finding her dog with the influx Thursday, but she left empty-handed.

    “This is my third day back visiting. No luck today,” Mandy Castillo said.

    Castillo lost her beagle, Leopold, July 1.

    “I live in Far Eastside, where it’s barely being developed so people are popping fireworks right in their backyards,” Castillo said.

    Leopold is microchipped but hasn’t been brought in to the shelter.

    Other dogs will have a harder time finding their families.

    “A lot of animals with no microchip, no collar and tag. So it’s making it very difficult to reconnect those pets,” Ramon Herrera said.

    Herrera is the spokesperson for the shelter. He said if a pet isn’t microchipped or doesn’t have a collar with tags, then families are responsible for showing ownership.

    “If you have any pet records, any shot records, even if you have photos,” Herrera said. “Anything that could truly identify that you are the owner of this animal.”

    Pets are already being kept two to a kennel and the shelter is dangerously close to capacity.

    “What we’re asking from the public, is come reclaim them as soon as you can,” Herrera said.

    Shelter employees indicated their hours of operation have been extended for Thursday and Friday.

    The shelter at 5001 Fred Wilson Avenue will be open until 7 p.m. so that pet owners can reunite with their animals.

    The fee to reclaim your pet will be waived, according to the shelter's Facebook page.

    Herrera said the influx of pets at the shelter is common during the Fourth of July.

    He said the shelter has received more than 130 animals as of Thursday afternoon.

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