El Paso business attracts attention through unique dome structure

Foam Applications LLC.

It’s a dream more than 25 years in the making. A new dome structure is the future home of local business Foam Applications LLC.

The new building is on Missouri Street in Central El Paso and is set to be completed this summer.

Owner of Foam Applications LLC Francisco Molinar had always wanted a dome building as a showroom for his product, foam roofing.

Foam roofing is intended to help protect your home from damage caused by liquid.

The construction of this new building is a family affair. Molinar was an architect in Mexico and had this vision for more than three decades. Over 30 years ago, his wife said, he would build the structure out of toothpicks.

Molinar's labor of love is eco-friendly.

“We have a lot of items, a lot of sustainable items that you can come and see once the building is done. We have radiant heating and cooling. We have our solar panels exposed right in the front of the project, our roof-top gardens. We will have trees on our deck,” said Abril Parra.

Parra is the project manager for Foam Applications LLC and also Molinar's daughter.

His children architects here in the states making his dream a reality.

Parra said that almost all of the items used to build the new building have been manufactured on-site, which she says has created zero waste.

She said that, once the project is finished, she will invite members of the community to visit the building.

“We want this to be a landmark for El Paso,” said Parra.

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