El Paso City Council to discuss Reimagining Cohen Stadium master plan

Area planned for Cohen Reimagined Project. Courtesy: City of El Paso

The El Paso City Council will be briefed on the concepts city staffers plan to incorporate in the Reimagining Cohen Stadium master plan. It will also discuss other projects the city has in the works.

The City Council had some concerns during the briefing but City Rep. Sam Morgan wasn’t too worried.

“I think the council is doing what they should do, doing their due diligence. Ensuring that any projects that we’re undertaking are feasible,” Morgan said.

Morgan said significant changes could still happen to the draft the City Council saw Monday.

“The initial design that everyone has been looking at since October is a concept and a concept is exactly that. It’s something that could show us what could possibly be,” Morgan said.

There have been a handful of community meetings in the northeast about the future of Cohen Stadium.

There were talks of a hotel, water park and other amenities. The city has said it wants to bring more “destination tourism” to El Paso to compete with cities like Tucson, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The director of economic development, Jessica Herrera, said the goal is to bring retail to the reimagined Cohen Stadium. She says the success of stores like TopGolf and Dave and Busters give insight to what will do well in the area.

"We really want for this to be a place where we can secure concepts like that at Cohen,” Herrera said. “We want to have maybe a restaurant row or a food hall kind of concept at Cohen. I want to make it very active."

Herrera said in order for the master plan to be effective, there needs to be a proper team to execute it.

"We need a right developer or development team that can come in and take a look at Cohen and see the value of the area and what it could potentially bring in,” Herrera said.

City engineer, Sam Rodriguez, told the council Monday that they're looking for private investors.

"What we're looking for is somebody that understands what the community envisioned. We're going to have them go over the master plan," said Rodriguez.

It's still unclear when the majority of the work on Cohen Stadium will begin but people in the Northeast are excited for the changes.

“I think that’s wonderful because everything is on the west side and we really need some activities over here,” Maggie Harris said.

“I think it’s great. It’s always great to have things for El Paso,” Oscar Tarango said.

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