El Paso County to buy $1.4 million dollars in upgraded storm water equipment

Moonsoon 2.jpg

Monsoon season is here.

El Paso County is planning on spending more than a million dollars to update much-needed equipment.

Commissioner Vince Perez said these various trucks will be used to help flood-prone areas in his precinct, like the Mission Valley area.

"It needed to be done. In one respect, it is addressing an immediate need in the coming weeks,” Perez said. “We hope this purchase will be completed in the next four weeks."

The monsoon clouds won't just be over Mission Valley and other parts of Perez's precinct. It's in other areas like the Upper Valley and Canutillo.

Some people in Canutillo told KFOX14 these trucks will help them deal with flooding they've seen like this in the past.

"It's a start is what I hope they do. A start. I hope they use it wisely,” Miguel de Anda said.

"A lot of people their houses get flooded or their cars get stuck,” Brianna Arellano said. “And, that's a lot of money just for those people."

"If your house floods, maybe they can replace it or replace the furniture inside,” Stella Emmons said. “But, there are things -- the memories and photographs -- that you can't go back in replace."

Perez says the updated equipment is a fix right now for stormwater issues. There's a lot more that needs to be done beside buying a few trucks.

"Stormwater, it's going to take some time before we see long-term results,” Perez said. "These investments do take time. I hope that the public sees that the county is certainly doing its best (to) address the stormwaterissue."

Perez says the county may want to look into a stormwater fee to pay for major projects in the future. That way major projects like drainage ponds and canals could become more easily affordable and faster to complete.

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