El Paso gets its first dyslexia clinic

The Dyslexia Institutes of America. (CBS4)

An El Paso woman brings the first dyslexia clinic to the borderland.

According to a national statistic one in five Americans has dyslexia. It is a disorder that makes it hard for people to read, interpret symbols and write.

Griselda Oaxaca is the owner of the new clinic in west El Paso called Dyslexia Institute of America.

She says she created the clinic because of the lack of resources here in the borderland.

"After learning about this prevalent and the misunderstood learning disability, I was compelled to open Dyslexia Institute of America,” said Oaxaca.

Oaxaca is passionate about treating people with dyslexia. She says most people don’t know the hardships her patients must go through,

"Sometimes they go through bullying and they are labeled as dumb and lazy, but in reality, these children and adults are highly intelligent."

Oaxaca says before her clinic opened, people in El Paso would have to go to a doctor's office for help. But through Dyslexia Institute of America, people will have more resources to choose from.

"It's based on forex, orthography, remediation with cognitive extensions. We have some computer programs but mostly everything is done here at these desks."

Angie Rodriguez was born with dyslexia but she didn't know until she was 28. She says she's had to work around the disorder to keep up with everyone else.

"I have dyslexia, but it hasn't kept me from pursuing my dreams and one of them is opening my own business."

Rodriguez says she is grateful Oaxaca opened a clinic to help people like her.

"I am very happy for her and I help her promote it and I have her back."

Oaxaca says many people don’t know about dyslexia or how to treat it. That’s why she hopes more people will come into her clinic whether they have dyslexia or not to learn more about it.

"We also need to educate the community because they are not well-informed, so that's one of the challenges that we still face and I know with the help of this team, we are going to make a difference in this city," said Oaxaca.

The address for the Dyslexia Institute of America is 5380 N Mesa St., Suite 108, El Paso, Texas 79912.

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