Neighbor says he was thrown into gunfire while trying to save victim


A man was hospitalized after getting shot in an east El Paso neighborhood. The gang unit was investigating the shooting at the corner of Leewood and Saigon behind East Point Elementary School. Police said gunfire erupted around 4 p.m. Sunday. One neighbor said he got thrown into the gunfire as he tried to save the victim.

"A shooting started happening right in front of me," said 82-year-old El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame coach Thomas McKay.

McKay said his police training kicked in when he heard gunshots outside his front door.

"They were chasing him! They were going to finish him! I'm involved," McKay said. "I'm a former cop. I'm a former police chief at UTEP."

McKay did not want to be on camera, but said the neighborhood is normally very quiet.

"I'm a strong son of a gun and I live next door to some people who are really nice, but they brought in some other ... I don't know if some cholos got involved here," McKay said.

McKay takes chemo five days a week for his cancer, and still had the strength to carry the victim to his car and drive him to a hospital. He said he was about six-feet away from the shooting.

"A bloody man came running to me. I had no choice but to get involved," McKay explained. "I took him to my car, blood everywhere, it was like a water fountain sprinkling out of a head. He was shot in the head twice. And one shot came towards me, too! So I ducked, backed up, and I put him in my back seat and took him to the hospital."

Police said Monday the shooting happened during a family dispute.

Police said 26-year-old Julian Michael Maese went to his son’s mother’s home on Saigon Drive in east El Paso and took the boy away from the woman.

An argument then escalated after Maese fired a shotgun at the residence, police said.

Maese faces a deadly conduct charge.

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