El Paso homeowner claims AT&T damaged sewer line

AT&T line

A family was left with foul smelling sewage in their home and had to evacuate, according to Staci Dean.

Dean said the odor became a problem when some fiber optics were being installed.

She said she has to pay for the costly damage.

“I'm devastated,” Dean said. “It was heartbreaking to see my mother standing there with all this feces coming up into her house. And her grabbing her bedding and trying to stop it from coming into her bedroom and just crying for help.”

Their plumber told them that an AT&T installation had pierced through the home’s sewage pipe.

Dean is working on helping her mom, Dot, get the house in livable condition again.

“This is like the fourth day without water, and feces all in her house,” Dean said.

Fiber optics lines transmit digital information for phones, TV cable and internet.

“You can see where the fiber optics have impaled my mother's water line and now it's broken in two places,” Dean said.

CBS4 Problem Solvers got in touch with AT&T to get their side of the story.

Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson told CBS4 they're looking into the problem.

Neighbors said they've dealt with multiple issues since the work started in 2017.

“One day, my daughter was dropped off by the school bus and she started sending me pictures, texting me that the entire neighborhood was flooded,” Bethany Olivas said. “About a week ago, I went to give my granddaughter a bath and we just had dirty water coming in through the tap,” said neighbor Bethany Olivas.

Dean said they have to get a city permit to start repairs.

A plumber stopped by city hall Wednesday and told her that could take up to 48 hours.

Once work begins, costs are estimated at $14,000.

That amount "will completely devaste her finances. All i want is for AT&T to come out, take a look, see that they're responsible and pay for this. or reimburse my mother but to get it repaired,” Dean said.

She said in the last three days she's called an AT&T service number five times.

She said it's just a recorded message that gives her no option but to leave a voicemail and hasn't gotten a call back.

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