El Paso indie pop band starts off NDMF

Indie band Great Shapes

Indie pop band from El Paso say they're "stoked” to perform at Neon Desert this weekend.

It’s the first time Great Shapes will “rock out” at the annual festival in their hometown.

“It’s pretty incredible knowing there’s going to be great artist on before and after. It’s cool that were sharing that momentum on stage,” said lead singer Neil Henry.

Newcomers catching the band can expect high-energy dance rock, post punk and a huge dance party.

The four-man band will start off the festival Saturday at 4:45 p.m. on the Paseo Del Norte stage.

Great Shapes released their sophomore album, “Somewhere In Between,” in 2017.

KFOX14 anchor Robert Holguin featured the band in "Live In The Sunroom." Replay performance.

Neil, Evan, Nathan and Antonio recorded it at Sound + Vision Studios in El Paso where At the Drive-In once did and at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo.

More with the band from the FOX Lounge.

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