Airport gears up for busiest travel day

El Pasoans get ready to travel this Thanksgiving holiday season

Cassandra Davisson, Marketing and Customer Relations Coordinator says El Paso International Airport (EPIA) is not known for long lines.

However, Wednesday being the busiest travel day passengers should arrive early.

AAA reports roughly 50 million Americans are traveling over the next four days.

The report states that the strong economy and rising incomes is what is generating these big travel numbers.

Davisson says last year a little less than 11,000 passengers came through this airport.

This year 12,000 is expected.

Davisson wants to remind travelers that there is an extra stop after collecting your boarding pass.

”Travelers are no longer dropping off their luggage at the ticketing counter, they have to take their luggage to another location in the lobby,” Davisson said. “It's an extra step, this year, that wasn't there last year.”

Davisson says there are a few more things to consider whether you are taking off or just picking someone up during this busy week.

Whether you are dropping off, picking up or taking off, there are some things to keep in mind about the airport.

• Consider flight delays of flights coming in from even busier cities.

• It would be a really good idea to check your flight status before you head on over to the airport.

• There is plenty of parking, but as lots fill up, you may have to park further away and use a shuttle.

• If you’re in a rush, there is premium valet parking available.

• Picking someone up? Use the Cell Phone Waiting Lots off of Boeing on American and Piper.

These are just some tips for the jet-setters.

Nationally, 8 percent of people are expected to travel by air, 90 percent will be on the road.

This is the sixth consecutive year that air travel has grown during the holiday.

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