El Paso man charged for making up kidnapping story

    Mug shot of Jorge Parra

    A worried wife reached out to El Paso police after her husband told her he had been kidnapped.

    Jorge Parra, 39, is accused of fabricating the kidnapping story to police and his wife.

    On Sunday, Parra’s wife reported her husband had told her he was being held against his will, according to El Paso police.

    During the investigation, detectives spoke with Parra, who was in Juarez. They said Parra claimed he was released by his alleged kidnappers after they forced him to withdraw money from an ATM.

    On Monday, Parra was detained at a port of entry as he was trying to cross back to El Paso.

    Police said his car had also been reported stolen during the kidnapping.

    Parra was questioned by El Paso police investigators at the bridge. Police said that’s when Parra admitted to making up the story.

    He was taken into custody and charged with making a false report to a peace officer.

    His bond was set at $2,000.

    Police said Parra made up the story to cover up a night of partying excessively with alcohol and drugs.

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