El Paso man learning to walk after being struck by car sends warning about safety

Man involved in pedestrian accident talks about the importance of using crosswalks. (CBS4)

A man hit by a car in Northeast El Paso is learning how to walk and talk again. Seven months ago, on March 18, Miguel Sanchez got hit by a car while he was crossing Dyer Street near Fred Wilson Avenue. He was not using a crosswalk. Now, he is warning El Pasoans to look twice, even if you've crossed that same street for 40 years.

"All I know is I was at 7-Eleven and crossing Dyer. And that's the last I remember. I’m lucky to be alive,” Sanchez said.

After two weeks in a coma and months of recovery, Miguel Sanchez wants to warn people to always look twice no matter how well you know an area.

"We crossed that for 42 years. And nothing like this has happened,” Sanchez said.

He was just one block away from his house. His family saw police lights, but didn't realize Sanchez was involved.

"I got my feet broken and my ankle, my tibia, my head was hurt bad, then my knee, and my shoulder, my arm,” Sanchez said.

He is in a wheelchair now.

"I had to start all over again,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez has to re-learn basic life skills.

"To speak and walk,” he explained. "I can't shower by myself. It's been a life-changing thing for me."

He said the woman who hit him stopped. He said he doesn't blame her for what happened because he wasn't using a crosswalk.

"I'm one of the lucky ones,” Sanchez said. “Sometimes I question God why I didn't die. But it's something, I guess, He has a plan for me and I have to be careful and see so when it comes, I don't miss it."

He wants to send a message to others.

"To walk where it's lighted and to walk where it's a pedestrian way,” Sanchez said. “The lines that they draw, they're there for a reason, to cross.”

Reporter Ashley Claster first interviewed Sanchez's family on the day of the crash. At that time, they weren't sure he was even going to live. Now, they said they're thankful that they get some more time with him.

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