El Paso PD says it’s hopeful new tech, more officers will cut wait times

Police responding to deadly motorcycle crash in Central El Paso Sunday night.

The El Paso Police Department's recent numbers are showing wait times for priority 1 calls seem to be going down.

But it doesn’t have data that can show a direct comparison from one year to the next.

Assistant Chief Patrick Maloney says that from from the second half of the last fiscal year to the first half of this fiscal year, the department saw response times drop.

During April to August 2017, the response times for priority 1 calls were 17 minutes and three seconds. The time dropped to 16 minutes and 34 minutes from September 2017 to February 2018.

That’s a 51-second drop.

The department says in order to decrease wait times, the bottom line is that more officers are needed.

Although, new tech is helping officers respond to calls. There are cameras in different entertainment districts, like Union Plaza, which can tell officers exact locations of a priority call.

“The cameras are monitored from the fusion center, so when a call goes out in an area, the fusion center can actually see what’s going on,” Maloney said. “If they don’t see anything and it’s a false report, they can cancel the call and not waste a unit's time in responding.”

Maloney said there are plans put cameras in areas like Cincinnati Street and other prominent areas.

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