El Paso police officers running across Texas for kids

Some of El Paso's bravest are on an epic run across the state

Some of El Paso's bravest are on an epic run across the state. These police officers are on an important mission for the Special Olympics.

"The kids are counting on us to get there to Arlington. The games will not start until the torch gets there," said Jesus Hernandez.

Hernandez is an officer with the El Paso Police Department. He's also one of the runners.

"We get to sleep six hours to four hours a night," said Hernandez.

It's more than 600 miles from El Paso to Arlington.

They have to make it in time for the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

"Once we get to the kids and we see them smiling and we see how happy they are to see us and the torch, that just brings our fuel level back up," said Hernandez.

This is Hernandez's first cross-state run. It's also personal for him.

He's running for his cousin who died.

"His name was Sammy Marquez, and he had Down syndrome and I miss him dearly," said Hernandez.

The love and support he gets from people along the way keeps him going.

"Doing something for the kids like this, it makes me very happy to see their faces light up," said Hernandez.

It's one of many police departments in Texas participating in the torch run, but El Paso is probably the farthest away.

CBS4 had to ask about shoes.

"They're broken-in pretty well. I have two just in case, but so far one pair has been doing me very well," said Hernandez.

The group is scheduled to arrive in Arlington on Thursday.

A GoFundMe page was created to raise money for travel expenses. They're still a little short of their goal. Click the link if you would like to help them out. Extra money will be donated to the Special Olympics.

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