El Pasoans embrace unusually warm weather

El Pasoans enjoy a warm November day at San Jacinto Plaza.

El Pasoans flocked to San Jacinto Plaza Saturday afternoon, embracing the unseasonably warm weather.

"It feels like it's still the summer," Ana Villanueva said.

Average temperatures this time of year are 68 degrees, according to CBS 4 meteoroligist Zach Covey.

The warm weather pushed people to Farenheit 32 for a sweet treat.

"It's really hot so I thought it'd be a perfect day to cool down a little with a good ice cream. Need to attribute

Farenheit 32 employee Kaylee Parsont said business slowed down a little in the past month as temperatures started to drop, but the warm temperatures Saturday brought business right back.

"People like ice cream," Parsont said. "On top of it, since it's been warmer, there's definitely an increase in people."

The record high for Nov. 11 is 83 degrees, set in 2005. Saturday hit a high of 81 degrees.

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