El Pasoans enjoy outdoors despite wind advisory

    Flag blowing in the wind in west El Paso.

    El Paso is under a wind advisory today until 10 p.m. Many residents had the day off from work and walked around the city despite today’s high winds.

    “Right now, it’s pretty windy but not windy enough to stop me from playing Pokémon Go so I’m OK,” said Joseph Serrano.

    University of Texas at El Paso graduate student Calvin Bell said, “I like it, it feels nice, like I feel cooled off.”

    Others were not as positive about today’s weather.

    Becky Rodriguez took her lunch break outside in San Jacinto Plaza today despite her dislike for wind.

    “It’s my least favorite weather I usually just stay indoors. I hate the dirt, I hate having to put my hair up, everything gets messed up,” Rodriquez said.

    Some residents say the wind is OK, until it starts to cause their allergies to flare up.

    Crystal Miranda, a senior at New Mexico State University said, “I like it, I just don’t like that there’s dirt blowing all over the place and gets allergies going and all sorts of things.”

    UTEP tennis player Erandi Martinez says the wind is getting in her way of preparing for their match this weekend.

    “We play tennis so the ball is blowing, It’s like flying around, it’s not very comfortable for us to practice with this wind we can’t really do much,” Martinez said.

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