El Pasoans excited about winter-like weather

Downtown El Paso

Wednesday marks the coldest temperatures of the season.

Some El Pasoans said they have been waiting for cooler temperatures all winter season,

"Finally, it's cold, I was waiting for this since a long time ago. I really like the cold more than the heat," said Evelyn Rito.

“It's been really hot and it was kind of hard to get in the mood of the holidays,” Mylene Flores said.

People said the cool weather gives them an excuse to break out their winter gear.

"You bundle up -- make sure you have your scarf, especially right now, since it's raining," said Elizabeth Chairez.

"I think it's better to have your sweater on and everything. I really like it,” said Rito.

With Christmas approaching, some people said the chilly temperatures help them get into the holiday spirit.

"When it's cold, you think of Christmas," said John Bingham.

"You can turn on the chimney and be around with family with hot cocoa."

There is a chance it might snow Thursday, and people said they are all for it.

"I would definitely like to have a white Christmas now that I am back in El Paso,” said Sandra Santos.

"It's pretty neat that finally we got some cold, rain and hopefully some snow. We'll see,” said Flores.

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