El Pasoans in the northeast brave the heat

El Pasoans in the northeast brave the heat.

Many El Pasoans in northeast El Paso were trying to keep cool on Tuesday and braving the the triple digit temperatures.

Northeast El Pasoans found several ways to cool off like spray parks, finding shade and eating snow cones.

A family from Virginia that had just moved to El Paso said they were shocked at the change.

Brianna Vasquez said it's "super very hot."

Another resident Corey Steward said it's "like a sauna on like 120 every day."

Many residents tried hiding under the shade to beat the heat and many went for snow cones.

A man buying a snow cone was a seller of wigs and said that hot days like these, don't stop his sales.

"Wearing wigs in the summertime is sweltering. It can be almost dangerous at times. We've picked up a few lines of ultra-light wigs and they're sewn with a material called Cool Max. Which is UnderArmour. They reduce the weight and they're breathable. They actually wick away moisture from your scalp." said Mike Lang.

Even with these hot temperatures, no El Pasoans said the heat was unbearable.

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