El Pasoans leave mark on final stretch of rail for the street car project

El Pasoans sign the last portion of street car rail before it's installed.

People got the opportunity to leave their mark on one of the biggest projects in El Paso.

Wednesday, the last two pieces of rail were on display for the Streetcar Project in downtown El Paso.

People flocked to Stanton Street and Franklin Avenue to sign their names on it before workers installed it.

"We want to be a part of this so later on when they gro up, or however long it stays, they can go back to school and tell their friends," Melissa Reta said about bringing her three kids to sign the rail.

The Camino Real Regional Authority said putting in the last rail is a big milestone, but there is still more work to do.

"However, that doesn't mean the streetcars are ready to roll just yet - crews must continue work on the overhead system which will power the streetcars which are still being renovated in Brookville, Penn. When those streetcars return later this year, we'll begin a 6-12 month testing phase which must be completed before the City of El Paso is able to begin streetcar service," Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Raymond Telles said.

The significant portion of street closures are over with this past phase of construction, according to a spokesperson for the streetcar project, but some closures will happen for the overhead system installations.

"You will see lane closures," Martin Bartlett, spokesperson for the streetcar project, said. "When you get to some of the intersections, you may see intersection closures of a day or two, but absolutely nothing like what we've seen."

The project is currently on schedule and on budget, according to Bartlett.

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