El Pasoans living near Bridge of Americas frustrated with scarce parking

Residents at a South Central neighborhood say people are leaving their cars in front of their homes and walking over into Juarez, causing them parking problems.

Neighbors living near the Bridge of Americas say parking has become a nightmare.

Resident said that on a usual day they see cars lined up in front of their homes, leaving no space to park their own cars. Some neighbors have even started moving their trash cans in front of their houses just to save their spots.

Sandwiched between Paisano, the bridges and U.S. 54, neighbors have nicknamed this area El Escondido.

Neighbors who were born and raised here say it's never had a perfect parking situation, but lately it's getting harder and harder to park in front of their own homes.

"Oh my God is it an issue! We have to park our cars always on the inside because we don't have any parking on the outside," said Juan Olivares, who was born and raised on Latta Street and still lives there. "It's always people that don't even live here, people that transport cars from Mexico into Juarez from all over the United States. So they use this like a big parking lot. And they get away with it."

Neighbors told CBS4 people park and walk over to Juarez for hours. They said sometimes these cars are left overnight or even weeks at a time.

"All those cars right there, they're not from here. They park here and they go across to Juarez,” said Rebecca Leon, who lives on Latta Street.

"They'll leave their cars here weeks, even a month at a time,” Olivares said. "They actually park blocking the driveway!"

"We have to park really far away from our house instead of parking in front of our house,” said Janneth Garcia, who lives on Findley Avenue.

Some neighbors have tried saving their spots by placing up their own "no parking" signs.

"Actually, my neighbors have to put their trashcans out so nobody will park in their parking lot. But some people will just move them and park there,” Garcia said.

"We've been pushing for residential parking for the past 10 to 15 years, and they say we don't qualify,” Olivares said.

The city representative who oversees this area, Cissy Lizzaraga, said our inquiry was the first time her office has heard of this problem. She sent the following statement:

“I know firsthand that it is very frustrating when you aren’t able to park at your own home.

“The downtown area is designated a Residential Parking District, which allows for individual blocks within the district to petition for restricted, decal-only parking for residents. Something like this may be a good solution for the area around the international bridge, and I would be happy to look into something similar for that area. In that case, residents on blocks that choose to have decal-only parking would have to get parking decals for their vehicles.

“My office will look into this further and speak with people who live in that area to see what the best solution is.”

CBS4 asked neighbors if they would be willing to pay for a decal to get designated parking in return.

“We'll be open to that if it's a fair amount,” Leon said.

"No, I wouldn't. Because I don't think it's gonna work,” Garcia said.

"There shouldn't be a problem with that. It's an annual thing so that's no problem,” Olivares said.

Representative Lizzaraga's office asked for the numbers of the neighbors we spoke with, and says she will call them to try and figure out what the best solution is.

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