El Pasoans throw concert to help animals lost, rescued in Hurricane Harvey


El Pasoans united Sunday to help out the animals lost and rescued in Hurricane Harvey. San Jacinto Plaza was packed all day with dog and cat food, leashes, beds and other animal needs pouring in by the minute. It's an effort that could save hundreds of animals rescued from the devastating flooding and the water the that flooded already crowded animal shelters in Houston.

"I would do anything for my dog. Probably before humans!" said dog owner Rick Depew. "When they evacuate, they sometimes forget their pets or it's such an emergency and they don't have a lot of places or shelters that store pets and are pet friendly. Hotels don't take them so this is just a great service to do for our fellow Texans. They're family members as well."

"The effects of this storm are going to be going on for months, if not years,” District 1 representative and dog owner Peter Svarzbein said. "I would never leave my pumpkin. She would always be by my side. If the water was rising, she'd be up on my shoulders."

"We wanted to help support particularly all the misplaced dogs down there. I suspect there will be thousands,” said West El Paso resident Mark Davis.

On Sunday there were art auctions, face painting, games and live music all to support animals rescued in Hurricane Harvey.

"There's so many animals dying and it's sad. It's just sad! Imagine if you were one of the animals,” said young East El Paso resident Zoey Robles, who was volunteering Sunday.

"Pets can't speak. So they can't tell you, 'I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm sick, I'm hurt. I lost my owner, his name is whatever.' It's our responsibility as people, if we are going to take in these pets and they are going to be bred to be pets, we have to take care of them. We can't just let them die when there is devastation,” event organizer Brad Keats said.

Keats held a similar event after Hurricane Katrina. He said these donations will go to a warehouse until they are inventoried, and sorted by destination.

"We are working with 15 different organizations on the ground that have temporary shelters set up,” Keats said.

The Humane Society Of El Paso is also accepting money, and an adoption event Sunday aims to clear out the shelter to make room for Houston dogs to come.

"What we are going to do with all of the funds that we raise is fund basically a caravan with as many vehicles as we can afford to send to bring back as many pets as we can to El Paso to adopt” Keats said.

The Humane Society is taking down a list of anybody interested in fostering or adopting the new pets when they arrive here from Houston. They will be at San Jacinto Plaza until 11:00 p.m. Sunday for those who want to put their name on the list or drop off more donations.

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