Elderly man killed while trying to rescue injured dog on Mesa Hills Dr.

An elderly man was struck and killed in a crash on Mesa Hills, police said. (Photo: KFOX)

A man trying to save a dog's life was struck by a car and later died in west El Paso.

The tragic incident happened along the 600 S. Mesa Hills Tuesday around 6:30 p.m.

Richard Appelgren, 80, was riding his 2012 Honda Odyssey northbound on Mesa Hills Drive , said police.

Appelgren allegedly struck a dog in the roadway.

He pulled over his van to the right lane to check on the dog, which was in the left lane, said police.

At the same time Cory Do, 20, was driving north on Mesa Hills Drive and struck Appelgren and his van, said police.

Appelgren died at the hospital.

Special traffic investigators said Do failed to control his speed.

They believe the dog and Appelgren are also factors in the cause of the crash.

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