Employee fired after CBS4 investigation uncovered flaw in registration of service dogs

Walter the dog was registered as a service dog in an investigation by CBS4 that uncovered a loophole in the system.

A story you saw exclusively on CBS4 is now getting results. On Thursday, we told you about the easy way in which people are abusing the service dog system just to get perks for their pets.

CBS4 reporter Ashley Claster got her stuffed dog, Walter, certified as an Emotional Support Animal to show how easy it is to cheat a system meant to help people. Emotional support animals comfort people with mental illnesses. Perks that come with the status include flying your pet for free and living in places that normally don't allow dogs.

The morning after the special report aired, the company that accepted Walter’s registration,, sent Claster an email apologizing for the error.

Claster’s investigation into the service dog system has now resulted in Walter’s emotional support animal certification being revoked.

A representative from the company, Ann, sent and email with the following statement:

Thank you for bringing the issue related to the Emotional Support Animal registration to my attention. I am shocked that this order was processed. I want to apologize to you for this error. The processing of the registration was an error by a single individual and not representative of our company policies on registering Emotional Support Animals. We have taken corrective action. The individual that processed your order is no longer working with our company. We are reviewing and updating all processing guidelines. We are scheduling an all team meeting to review policies and procedures. This will not happen again. I have refunded your purchase to your PayPal account. Again, I apologize for this individual's processing error.

The company refunded our $101 and revoked Walter's license.

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