EP Water working to repair leak in west El Paso

El Paso Water is working to fix a pipe that's leaking on Resler Drive and Lady Hawk Court.

Folks in a west El Paso neighborhood are concerned about a water leak that’s been going on for weeks.

CBS4 On Your Side took those concerns to El Paso Water.

The water company told us they are working to find the leak so it can be repaired.

But, residents in the area said they’ve been dealing with it for too long and said they’re afraid a leak could turn into a sinkhole problem.

"For the past, I want to say two to three weeks, there's been a water leak,” said west El Paso resident Ryan Quezada.

He and others in the area said water has been running down Resler Drive for quite some time.

"They kind of fixed it, but then they left and about a week later the water started accumulating and leaking again and now the street started deteriorating,’ said Jesus Quezada of west El Paso.

The folks we spoke with on and off camera said they’re concerned about driver safety, because of the potholes that have popped up.

"And, I'm just afraid that it's going to turn into a sinkhole,” said Ryan Quezada.

Now, there are some metal plates on the road covering those potholes up.

"That's what I was concerned about, the safety of the loose asphalt hitting the windshields,” said Jesus Quezada.

CBS4 On Your Side contacted El Paso Water.

The company sent us this statement:

El Paso Water crews are working hard to locate and fix a leak in a reclaimed water main near the intersection of Lady Hawk Court and North Resler Drive. Reclaimed water is treated to levels safe for irrigation but not for drinking. Water service for customers is not affected since it is a different distribution system. EPWater takes all leaks seriously and crews have been working diligently since the discovery of the leak last week. Repairs are challenging because of the size and length of the pipe, and the area where water is pooling on the street is not where the leak is located. Crews installed additional electronic leak detection devices on the pipe with hopes of pinpointing the exact location of the leak and making repairs as soon as possible. Until repairs are done, water is shut off during the day but turned on at night to give surrounding parks and schools an opportunity to utilize the reclaimed water for irrigation. These are existing reclaimed water customers who utilize the resource in an effort to conserve drinking water.

Neighbors we spoke with say the water company’s response gives them some peace of mind.

But, they said they’re just ready to have their neighborhood back to normal.

"They're doing a good job, but that's a major street, we've got to take care of it,” said Jesus Quezada.

EP Water told CBS4 the leak will not affect the water bills for the folks who live in the area.

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