EPPD explains why officer-involved shooting investigation took several hours to complete

EPPD explains why officer-involved shooting investigation took several hours to complete (Source: CBS4)

The El Paso Police Department is giving us more insight on why the investigation into the officer-involved shooting in east El Paso took longer than usual to be completed.

The investigation lasted into the next morning, and El Paso police tell CBS4 it was necessary.

While the lockdown was an inconvenience to some businesses, police say they had to keep people inside for several hours to make sure the area was cleared of any suspicious items left by the suspect.

Ida Poblano said police came into her business and told her to stay inside.

"They told me that there was a shooter, if I was OK and to lock my door until further notice. Nobody could come in, nobody could go out and we were here for like 12 hours," said Poblano.

Several businesses were on standby after police tell CBS4 76-year-old Richard Palafox was shot by three officers for failing to comply with their orders.

The three officers were placed on administrative leave as is standard protocol.

CBS4 reached out to El Paso police about why they were investigating businesses away from where the incident occurred.

“The subject's actions, information relayed to investigators and items in his vehicle led investigators to believe there was a possibility of further danger to officers and the public, “ said El Paso police.

Veronica Gamez said she was able to catch up on some work, but other businesses tell CBS4 they lost money after having to shut down everything until the next day.

"I think it was for safety. They didn't want any one incident to happen and stuff like that," said Gamez.

El Paso police told CBS4, “We understand it was an inconvenience, but that's the nature of dealing with the unknown.”

People were allowed to leave throughout the night, but they had to keep their cars at the scene overnight until it was deemed safe.

Police tell CBS4 a previous incident with Palafox earlier that day prompted them to take these safety measures into consideration, even if it meant keeping people inside for several hours.

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