Families forced out of homes by water-main break

Two families were forced out of their homes because of a water-main break.

Two families are spending a second night in a hotel after a water main break forced them out of their homes in Canutillo, Texas.

A spokesperson for El Paso Water said a contractor struck a 6-inch water main Tuesday around 9 a.m. on Third Street. Water service was restored Tuesday afternoon, according to the spokesperson.

"I got the footage right there when the water came down like a river right there," Jacob Garcia Sr. said.

Three homes were impacted, according to El Paso Water. Two families were put up in hotels Tuesday and Wednesday night as their homes dried out.

"As soon as I opened the door, all the water just starts gushing in," Fernando Lopez said.

Lopez's family was told their home was not severely damaged and was safe to stay in.

"We didn't create this problem," Lopez said. "I don't like these problems. I understand that problems do occur. I understand that sometimes things are out of people's hands, but all we need is some help here. I have children."

As their homes dry out, the families said they're frustrated with the situation.

"I know it's a process, but it's irritating, frustrating, and if they were in my shoes, I know they'd be doing the same thing, if not more," Garcia said.

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