Families living in El Paso County try to stay warm during El Paso’s first freeze

The Casto Family relies on space heaters to stay warm in their home in El Paso County. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

The first freeze of the season is upon us, and for some people who live out in El Paso County, it means finding creative ways to keep warm without a heater.

Heaters can run up your electric bill – it's why the Castro family chose to get rid of theirs.

Now they rely on a space heater, which will be put to the test tonight.

The space heater runs on propane. They have it set up in the living room and so far, the entire family has stayed in there all day watching movies.

But the other rooms in the house stay cold.

Temperatures on Wednesday night are expected to drop even more and we might even see some snow.

The Castros said they are going to pile up the blankets and rely on smaller space heaters in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

“We have the smaller space heaters. They’re electric. If it gets too cold we just turn them on for a little while and when it gets warm we turn them off because it runs up our bill,” said Luz Castro.

If you’re in need of a blanket or would like to donate one, you can call 211.

The Extreme Weather Task Force distributes them every winter.

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