Families of fallen El Paso Border Patrol agents remember loved ones

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The U.S. Border Patrol honored fallen service members Thursday. Last year the Borderland saw two of their own fall while on duty. The victims' families spoke with CBS4 about how the event helps keep their memory alive.

”It's a lot of emotions running through,” Ashley Garcia said. “Obviously, we're sad, but I also feel very proud. I feel honored.”

Garcia lost her uncle, Agent Isaac Morales, last year. Morales was off duty when he was killed in a stabbing.

“He was very kind, very giving and always making people laugh, always,” Garcia said.

The Border Patrol read the name of all agents that have died in the line of duty since the federal agency's inception.

“It was amazing. It was nice,” Sergio Martinez said.

Sergio, 12, lost his father, Agent Rogelio Martinez, in action. He died in Van Horn while assigned to the Big Bend Sector. How he died still remains a mystery.

Sergio sat in the audience, wearing his own Border Patrol uniform, as a riderless horse crossed the stage to symbolize the agents lost.

“It's very special that we're honoring all of these people that have given their lives for a greater cause,” Garcia said.

As agents gave their final salute, Sergio was reminded of his goal to join the force and serve, just like his father.

“Well, he told me as a little kid to do better than he did, so I'm going to try and do better than he did,” Martinez said.

In total, 127 Border Patrol agents have died in the line of duty since the federal agency’s inception.

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