Family raffles off former radio DJ's truck for daughter's college fund

Rick "Mardi Gras"' family raffled off his old truck for his daughter's college fund.

The family of Rick “Mardi Gras” Madrigal held a fundraiser Saturday to benefit his daughter.

Madrigal was shot and killed June 11, 2016, at his apartment.

"Rick was one of a kind," his stepbrother, Alex Austin, said. "We're trying to get a college fund going for (Rick's daughter)."

A friend of the family restored his 1994 Ford Ranger.

"We've taken the last year or so to really rebuild this truck," he said.

Austin said the family sold more than 350 tickets, raising between $7,000 and $8,000 for Madrigal's daughter.

El Paso police charged Leonel Hernandez with murder. His trial date is scheduled for January 30, 2018. Marinda Palacios allegedly witnessed the murder, but did not report it. Palacios does not have a trial date set.

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