Minimal damage reported in fire at Sunny's Sushi

Fire broke at the retail center along the 900 block of Redd Road

A popular sushi restaurant caught fire early Thursday morning.

Sunny's Sushi restaurant, located inside a retail center along the 900 block of E. Redd Road, was damaged in an early-morning fire.

A witness called 911 and reported seeing smoke coming from the building.

Nobody was inside the restaurant when it happened, fire officials said.

There was minimal damage to the business, estimated at $1,000.

Restaurant employees say their business is closed until further notice.

Fire investigators determined the fire originated in the kitchen area of one of the restaurants in the strip mall, caused by a pot left on a lit stove.

There were no injuries to firefighters.

The El Paso Fire Department would like to remind the public to use caution when cooking and always practice safety in the kitchen.

• Never leave food unattended.

• While cooking, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing and always turn pot handles inward.

• Don’t leave combustible items such as potholders and hand towels on the stove.

• Have an all-purpose fire extinguisher nearby.

• Don’t overload electrical outlets and never use electrical appliances near water.

• Be sure the kitchen is well-ventilated to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide from appliances.

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