Flooding from Monday's storms damages home in Upper Valley

upper valley flooding.jpg

A woman living in the upper valley is cleaning up after storms ripped through her neighborhood, causing the area to flood.

Tillie Escandon lives at a home on Courchesne Road near Torres Street and Paisano Drive, which is near a ditch.

“That’s the line. That’s how high the water went up. All over the house. All over the house," said Escandon, as she described where the water was in her home.

She tells us when she came home from work after Monday’s rainfall, she was very overwhelmed. “I just started bawling out when water started seeping out of my door.”

A stream of water was pouring out so fast, she said her hallway looked like a mini Rio Grande.

"A lot of stuff got ruined, a lot. All our beds. Most of our stuff. Sofas were moved, drawers were taken out of places. It was just horrible. Our refrigerator fell," said Escandon.

Escandon walked through her house, picking up the books, clothes, and sentimental photos that were destroyed by the moving water.

She said all the construction in the area caused the flooding, claiming crews were blocking the canals, and the water had nowhere to go. “The house is ruined. They knew they shouldn’t be blocking that ditch, they knew that if it rained, it was going to flood.”

Escandon said she’s hoping construction crews will help with the damages, but all she can do for now is clean.

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